New application of saturated epoxy industry in traditional market needs breakthrough urgently


Net News: The 3rd National Cooperation Forum on Sustainable Development of Epoxy and Derivatives was held in Nanjing recently. Experts and enterprise representatives of epoxy industry agree that under the background of accelerating the high-quality development of petroleum and chemical industry, epoxy industry also needs to break through new application areas and achieve coordinated development of industrial chain.

Bai Yi, deputy president of the Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning, pointed out that China's petrochemical industry is at the historical juncture of industrial transformation. Facing the challenges of increasing resource and environment constraints, rising factor costs and increasingly prominent structural contradictions, the epoxy industry is still in the middle and low-end of international division of labor. It is urgent for the industry to achieve high-quality development.

"The main task of high-quality development is to solve the contradiction between the development of industry capacity and the differentiation of market space." Bai Yi said that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the idea of high-quality development of petrochemical and chemical industries is to highlight the characteristics of high-end development and reflect the selective development model. We should take the high efficiency of industrial system, intensive industrial layout, energy saving, environmental protection and ecology, and integration of scientific and technological innovation as development paths to promote transformation and upgrading.

According to statistics, in 2018, the overall production capacity of ethylene oxide in China reached 4.84 million tons, an increase of nearly 10% over the same period last year, and the commercial ethylene oxide (EO) reached 3 million tons, an increase of 10% over the same period last year. "In 2019, the main consumption areas of EO in China are water reducer polyether, non-ionic surfactant activity, polyether polyols, ethanolamine, polyethylene glycol and so on, but these areas tend to be saturated." Gu Qichang, chairman of the Forum on Sustainable Development of Ethylene oxide and Derivatives, said that in order to achieve high-quality development of the Ethylene oxide industry, more new fields and high value-added products need to be developed.

Tao Nian, an expert at the National Cooperation Forum on Sustainable Development of Epoxy and Derivatives, once said that in order to achieve high-quality development of the epoxy industry, the only way out is to increase innovation. Enterprises should seek for products with demand growth other than the four series of downstream EO. Domestic enterprises producing EO are generally medium-sized enterprises. Ethylene raw materials are of high price and high cost. Most of them are difficult to operate at the break-even point. However, four series of products downstream of EO, except MEG, have basically balanced demand and are in a saturated state.

Therefore, Tao Nian has suggested that enterprises should pay attention to the extension of downstream products of diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG) and DEG+TEG mixture, and seek for demand growth products beyond the four downstream series of EO, such as polyvinyl carbonate (PEC), beta-propanolactone, Y-butyrolactone, carbonyl synthesis catalyst, etc.

"At present, many opportunities for the epoxy industry are facing. The development strategy of the whole area supports the development of the epoxy industry chain; technological innovation has become an important force for the sustainable development of the industry; and the integration of the two technologies has promoted the development of the industry to digitalization and intellectualization." Zhao Qichao, deputy general manager of Sinopec Chemical Sales Company, pointed out that while expanding new products, we should also attach importance to the coordinated development of epoxy industry chain. Zhao Qichao put forward six suggestions: first, through innovation, to drive industrial restructuring and upgrading; second, through coordination, to build an integrated development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain; third, to accelerate the development of Green Petrochemical industry; fourth, to help leading petrochemical enterprises to accelerate the building of brand advantages; fifth, to share and guide the development of petrochemical industrial parks cluster; sixth, to achieve orderly and healthy development of industrial chain. Competition.

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