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Polyurethane is a polymer between rubber and plastic, excellent wear resistance, known as the "king of wear, excellent abrasion resistance (for natural rubber 5~10 times, 3 times higher than the styrene butadiene rubber); excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength (for natural rubber, 2 times ~3); the tensile strength, elongation, tensile strength and other mechanical properties are much better than ordinary rubber material; has a wide range of hardness, can be in a wide range of hardness (shore A10~ shore D98) to maintain a high elasticity, high hardness and still has high elasticity (which is the other plastic types are no characteristics); surface finish; mechanical processing performance; and metal bonding is much higher than ordinary rubber, more suitable for some line speed and under high pressure; the second is wide (modulus of materials Under the stress state of stress and strain ratio) range, the modulus between ordinary rubber and plastics; oil and grease resistance (superior oil resistance is 3-5 times of Dengqen rubber), good chemical resistance. The oil resistance of polyurethane products is better than that of butyl rubber, and the aging resistance is better than that of natural rubber and other synthetic rubber. Polyurethane rubber roller has good chemical properties, suitable for all kinds of printing ink and printing method. It has special resistance to all kinds of ink, fountain solution and solvent. Polyurethane roller is also suitable for UV ink roller and polish rubber roller, especially for diesel oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, alcohol and salt solution has good solvent resistance. Furthermore, polyurethane products have good radiation resistance, ozone resistance, and low temperature resistance. The product for a long time continuous working temperature range is generally 80-90 degrees, and the temperature can be used for 120 hours.
       Because of the physical and mechanical properties of the polyurethane rubber is very good, so it is usually used for products of some high performance requirements, such as high strength wear-resistant products, oil products, high hardness and high modulus products etc.. Polyurethane rubber is widely used in machinery industry, automobile industry, petroleum industry, mining industry, electrical and instrumentation industry, leather and footwear industry, construction industry, health and sports goods manufacturing and other fields. In the automotive and machinery parts, components, various available polyurethane buffer for producing high frequency braking anti vibration rubber parts, rubber spring, couplings, textile machinery parts; in oil products can be produced, printing roller seal, fuel containers, such as oil seal; friction in harsh environments can be used in various pipelines and grinding equipment lining, sieve plate, filter, sole, rubber bushing and sleeve friction drive, brake pad, etc..

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