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—— Your most reliable supplier of polyurethane elastomers

WINSIN MATERIALS,INC. Foshan Branch(its brand-winsin) is a leading developer and manufacturer of cast polyurethane prepolymer and polyurethane elastomer products in China. With our extensive expertise and dedication of 20 years in the industry, we are capable to provide high quality products, solutions and service,with efficiency and innovation, for urethane-based design,prototyping and manufacture.

From the humble beginning with staff of only 10 people in 2001,to today’s nearly 100 employees,25,000㎡ manufacture facility and annual prepolymer output of over 10,000 tons,WINSIN MATERIALS has established a complete industrial chain of polyurethane elastomer.We developed the renowned ALFONSO polyurethane prepolymer series and a variety of downstream products widely used in the ceramic industry,transmission,sealing industry,construction machinery,coal mining, oil drilling,high speed rail and defense industry .

In 2005 we established strategic partnership with Colin Technical Urethane,Co.,Ltd..Through years of in-depth cooperative R&D,we have developed several high performance products to substitute for imported products.Our understanding of polyurethane chemistry,along with our experience in nearly two decades of R&D, state-of-the-art manufacture facilities and inspection equipment above the occupation standards, insures the quality and economy of our products. WINSIN MATERIALS owns 12 patents and is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

WINSIN MATERIALS prides itself on its 80% market share in  domestic ceramic tile press mould industry and 70% market share in domestic synchronous belt industry.Our products are exported to over 20 countries around the globe. Focusing on polyurethane elastomer, we will continue meeting the future demands of various industries with products at the forefront of technology.


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