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 Ceramic tile punch

Punch is an essential part in a ceramic tile press mold for the forming processions in ceramic tile production, and it is an easily consumable part. Performance of a punch is highly determined by quality and durability of the polyurethane coating on its surface. Appropriate choice of the coating material can prevent the tile formation process from quality problems like pattern distortion,dimension change and crack edges, and certainly extends the lifespan of the punch.

WINSIN MATERIALS offers a broad range of polyurethane prepolymers for  punch coating to meet all sorts of requirements that may come up in application. Lifespan of normal punch coated with our products reaches 300,000 times of pressing.We hold a  70% market share in domestic market.

 Synchronous Belt

 Synchronous belt is one of the main moving parts in ceramic tile polishing machine and edge grinding machine,and is also applied in heavy duty transmission machinery.It withstands intense tension,pressure,abrasion and heat in operation and requires accurate mesh with the drive gears to ensure stable operation.WINSIN MATERIALS has designed a special series of elastomer systems to meet the challenge and the finish product has proven extraordinarily durable and cost-effective.We hold a 80% market share in domestic market.

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