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    In 2006, Colin Technical-Urethane of the American R & D Center Laboratory of new materials industry Co. Ltd. American yuan star Elevator Co. commissioned for the elevator doors hanging round plastic bags to wear and tear, heat, low noise, aging resistant performance is low, specially developed several kinds of casting polyurethane elastomer; at the same time purchased rolling experiment machine and other advanced testing equipment, with the most stringent testing standards for verification of product selection. Through unremitting efforts and investment, the final product EVEROLL regardless of the experimental data or the actual life expectancy are beyond the European peers. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the elevator manufacturers to hang the door, the star of the material is also appropriate and continue to improve product performance, in the same industry to maintain an absolute advantage. With its excellent performance and technical services, EVEROLL has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with a large number of elevator and elevator parts manufacturers.
    2016, Yuan star materials will be officially introduced in mainland China EVEROLL market.

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