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Hydraulic roof support
Seal parts in hydraulic roof support equipment offer a challenge on the material’s abrasion, extrusion and hydrolysis resistance due to its operating condition of long time pressure maintaining and immersion in water based emulsion.WINSIN MATERIALS offers specially optimized prepolymer and semi-finished material for machined seal,and has served a large numbers of mining companies.

WINSIN MATERIALS also offers polyurethane prepolymers of various hardness and adabillity of diversified media.Used in manufacture of parts like scrapers and sieve plates for coal preparation, coal washing,transmission,etc.

Frac Pump Fluid End seal
Fluid end seal,AKA “valve rubber”,is one of the most demanding consumable parts in frac pump due to its extreme operating condition of high temperature,high pressure over 100MPa,intense impact load,and frac fluid with sand and possibly acid.Durability of this one part is the key to the hydraulic fracturing process.
The frac pump fluid end seals developed by WINSIN MATERIALS shows extraordinary extrusion,puncture and wear resistance,with chemical stability in frac fluid and have served numerous frac operations in China.

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