Working Conditions of Versailles Rubber Sheet in Fracturing


Key words: Verne rubber; polyurethane material; mud pump piston

The working conditions of Versailles rubber sheet are as follows:

At present, the fracturing fluids used for fracturing operations include water base fracturing fluid, oil base fracturing fluid, alcohol based fracturing fluid, emulsified fracturing fluid, foam fracturing fluid and energy increasing fracturing fluid. No matter what kind of fracturing fluid, they all contain more than ten kinds of additives, the composition is very complex. The fracturing fluid is required to have good sediment carrying capacity. In the whole fracturing process, the maximum construction pressure can reach more than 100 MPA, and the operation time can even exceed 2 hours. Due to the high pressure and long working time, the use of Veral rubber is required severely.

Valve rubber, also known as valve rubber, plays the role of inlet and drainage valves on pumps. Veral rubber is made of polyurethane. Outstanding features: oil resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. It can work continuously for one month at a temperature of - 35 C - 100 C and a pressure of 40 MPa. Versaille rubber is used for sealing of drilling mud pump Versaille seat and cementing cement truck Versaille seat. Veral rubber is a vulnerable accessory for oil field fracturing truck, well washing truck, cement truck, plunger pump, mud pump and other oil equipment. Our company produces high performance polyurethane Versaille rubber with high cost performance and reliable quality.

Polyurethane is a new type of polymer synthetic material different from rubber and plastics. It has not only high strength of plastics but also high elasticity of rubber. Its characteristics are very remarkable. For example, it has a wide hardness range and still has elongation and resilience of rubber under high hardness. The hardness range of polyurethane is generally Shaw A10-D80, and the strength of polyurethane is very high. Under the hardness of rubber, the breaking strength and load-carrying capacity of polyurethane are much higher than those of general rubber. At high hardness, the impact strength and bending strength are much higher than those of plastics.

The petroleum industry is becoming more and more standardized, among which the mud pump in drilling is one of the important mechanical systems. However, the piston of mud pump has a short life because of the lack of scientific concept in the past, which directly affects the progress of the project and the economic losses caused by the replacement. For this reason,Winsin Material has launched a high wear-resistant oil pressure based on quality, professional production and scientific and technological innovation. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, water and alkali resistance, strong tensile and tear resistance, etc. It is the leader of the mud pump Versaille rubber.