Performance characteristics of polyurethane for piston of concrete pump


Piston concrete pump has hydraulic drive and mechanical drive. Hydraulic drive concrete pump consists of hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, Y-tube, flushing equipment, hydraulic system and power system. The hydraulic system pushes the piston to and fro through pressure. When the piston moves backward, it sucks the material, and when pushing forward, it presses the concrete in the concrete cylinder into the conveyor pipe through the Y-shaped pipe. After the pumping concrete is finished, the pump body and the conveying pipe are cleaned with high pressure water or compressed air. The displacement of piston concrete pump depends on the number and diameter of concrete cylinder, the reciprocating velocity of piston and the volume efficiency of concrete cylinder suction.

The piston polyurethane of concrete pump in piston type concrete pump is the main key part. Its durability and other quality problems are related to the working condition of piston. Therefore, it is very important to choose a durable and good quality piston. The piston polyurethane of concrete pump has good wear resistance, high strength, strong supporting force and high bearing pressure.

Therefore, polyurethane for concrete pump piston has become the main part of the fittings. Winsin material is the development and manufacturer of polyurethane elastomer. It specializes in polyurethane material development. It also has strong technology and rich industry application experience in the field of concrete pump piston. The raw materials (polyurethane prepolymer) and products provided have been recognized by Baosteel, Sany Heavy Industry, Zhonglian Heavy Industry, China Coal Group and other well-known enterprises.