After the festival, how can the work of safety in production get off to a good start?


Happy and lively Spring Festival Holiday just finished

Many people are still immersed in the festive atmosphere.

The pace of life hasn't been adjusted yet.

The heart that gallops outside hasn't come back yet

Today is the first day of work after the festival.

A large number of enterprises will resume production one after another

Many employees return to work

Statistics according to relevant data

Accident-prone period after the festival

Restart of some production equipment after shutdown

Prone to mechanical failure

Some employees are lax after the festival

Weakening of Safety Production Consciousness

Accidents are prone to occur.

Start work, start work!

How to make a good start when we resume work at the beginning of the year

Especially critical and important for safe production

Know your friends and know your enemies, never slacken in a hundred battles

From the past experience, the period of resumption of labor after the festival is a period of high incidence of all kinds of accidents. The following security risks should not be ignored:

1. High-risk operations such as overhaul and maintenance of production facilities and equipment are frequent, and some employees are still immersed in the festival atmosphere. Their thoughts are easy to relax and paralyze, which may lead to accidents due to improper operation.

2. A large number of new employees are on the job one after another, because of the inadequate pre-job training and education, the possibility of undocumented work, violation of rules and regulations and misoperation is increased.

3. In order to pursue the "open door" of business performance, some production and operation units are operating with super-capacity, super-strength and over-scheduled personnel, and the conditions for safe production are not effectively guaranteed.

4. At the peak of spring transportation return journey, people flow, vehicle flow and logistics are intensive. All kinds of risk inducing production safety accidents are interwoven and superimposed.

In order to prevent and curb the occurrence of safety accidents, production and business units should attach importance to the safety work of resuming production, and strictly implement the "Three Ones" and other safety precautions in light of their own reality. To ensure the safe resumption of production after the Spring Festival:

1. Formulating a plan for resuming production

Each production and business unit shall organize a safety production meeting before resumption of production, and study and formulate a feasible plan for resumption of production after the festival. Especially in high-risk industries such as dangerous chemical industry, it is necessary to strictly implement various safety precautionary systems, put safety responsibilities into practice, and formulate emergency response plans and strengthen drills.

2. Do a good job in safety education and training for resumption of labor

When you come back from vacation, the most important thing is to let the staff transition from psychological consciousness to work. For employees who return to their original posts after the festival, they should retrain and re-educate their safety knowledge, so that each employee has basic safety production knowledge and is familiar with the job hazards of the corresponding types of work; for those who change posts and new employees, they should carry out "three-level" education and training in safety production, improve their professional skills and safety awareness, and firmly fail to take up their posts if the training is not qualified.

3. Strengthen the safety inspection of post-festival resumption of labor

According to the principle of first checking and then resuming production, safety inspection must be carried out on the first day of resuming production. It is necessary not only to carry out comprehensive safety inspection on production equipment and facilities, safety facilities, fire emergency facilities, various instruments, pipelines, valves, tank areas, dangerous chemicals storage devices and plant areas, labeling marks in factory buildings and labeling lines in warehouses, but also to carry out special inspection on electrical lines.

4. Strictly prohibit the use of flammable liquid wiping machine equipment

After the long vacation, it is unavoidable to carry out various cleaning operations when resuming labor. During this period, the production and operation units strictly prohibit employees from using white oil, Tiannashui and other flammable liquids to wipe machines, equipment and ground oil pollution. In addition, when cleaning septic tanks, sewage tanks and tanks, the relevant provisions of limited space operation should be strictly enforced.

5. Special operations must be certified

The operation of special workers such as electricians and welders is extremely critical. Once illegal operation occurs, it is easy to cause serious safety accidents. Re-production after the festival should focus on the education of such workers. First, when carrying out special operations, operators must be required to hold corresponding special operation certificates before they can work. Second, operators should be required to do a good job in the safety of facilities, equipment and dangerous goods. Inspection work, and strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations of production safety.

6. Strengthen the special investigation of fire safety hidden dangers

Recently, the climate is dry and rainwater is less, which is the high incidence of fire accidents. All production and business units should pay special attention to fire prevention after the festival. We should not only establish and improve the responsibility system of fire safety and fire safety, strictly implement the responsibility of fire safety, but also put an end to illegal operation, strictly prohibit illegal use of fire, oil, electricity and gas, and organize regular fire fighting and evacuation escape drills to improve staff's self-defense and self-rescue ability.

Source of information: Emergency Management Office

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