Application and Characteristics of Polyurethane Cots


Polyurethane cots are made of polyurethane as raw material by fine processing in different processes. Its surface is bright and stable in size. It is not easy to deform at high temperature or low temperature. In addition, it has super viscosity. It has a great use in many industries and fields. It can be used as a solvent for gasoline, kerosene, lubricant, etc. It can also be used in textile, printing and dyeing, steel, paper and other industries. It has a wide range of uses.


Uses and characteristics:

1. The appearance of the colloid is bright, the surface of the colloid is fine and smooth, and the colloid material and the core axle are firmly bonded. The size of COTS is strictly controlled and will not change greatly under different temperature and humidity conditions. It can adapt to the high temperature and humidity environment of the southern printing workshop and the cold and dry climate conditions of the north.

2. Polyurethane cots have a wide range of hardness indicators, ranging from HSA15 to HSD80, which can meet the requirements of different types of printers for cots hardness.

3. Polyurethane cots colloid has enough surface viscosity to ensure that cots have good ink transfer and inking performance in the printing process, and good ink affinity can ensure high quality printing.

4. Polyurethane cots have good chemical properties, especially for diesel oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, alcohol and brine solution.

5. Polyurethane cots have excellent physical properties, long-term use of COTS will not harden, aging, and tear resistance, resilience, excellent wear resistance, so long service life, easy to preserve, long-term storage does not affect the use effect; can withstand high pressure, high speed, high humidity production environment. Experiments show that the tensile strength and wear resistance of polyurethane cots are 3 and 5 times of that of natural rubber cots, the compression permanent deformation and resilience are good, and the service life of polyurethane cots is more than 3 times of that of ordinary cots.

6. Polyurethane cots have excellent hydrophilicity, so they can be used as cots in water and alcohol embossing system.

7. Polyurethane cots have high strength and tear resistance, so they are shear resistant and wear resistant.


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